It’s that time of year again; back to school!

As much as I love this time of year, I also dread it just a bit.  Back to the grind and back to following schedules.  It’s also back to packing school lunches (and snacks) just about every day.  I’m not the mom who packs a lunch the night before; although I wish I was!  I am the mom who runs around like a maniac in the mornings constantly nagging and pushing the children along.  To add to all the morning madness, I also pack my school lunches while the kids are eating breakfast

Making school lunches isn’t hard; the hard part is figuring out what to put in the school lunches.

For any other parents out there who find the idea of packing school lunches a bit daunting, I am including some of my easy lunches that the daughter has approved.  I always use our little bento box to pack the food since it makes life easier on my end.  I hope some of these lunches not only inspire you, but also save you from another year of the same old lunch and the same old morning lunch packing panic.

10 Easy Lunch Ideas to Pack for School

Lunch 1:  Hawaiian Roll Deconstructed Sandwich


This one is a favorite in our house.  Anything with a Hawaiian roll is a winner here.  The daughter sometimes wants a roll with just butter, but in this lunch I have a plain Kings Hawaiian Roll, some turkey, cheese, Suddenly Salad pasta salad, mangoes, and my “first day of school” brownie.  The note was made by my artistic husband.  He will sometimes make a batch of cute note cards that I include from time to time on special days or when I remember to do so!  There is not a note with most lunches; I can pretend to have it all together but I am NO where close to that!

Lunch 2:  Pretzel Roll with Hummus Fun


This lunch is easy and the daughter loves it.  I build this lunch around the hummus and what the daughter likes to eat with it.  There’s the pretzel roll, carrot shreds, and naan chips that she can choose to eat with the hummus, or can choose to eat them solo.  The middle section is filled with pomegranate seeds that work like a healthy form of a dessert.  Win/win for this mom.

Lunch 3:  Turkey Roll-Ups Please


Since you might already have the hummus, carrots, and naan chips; here’s a different lunch using like items.  The roll ups are the Mission flour street tortillas, turkey and white American cheese.  Just add some sliced apple to the box and you’re set.

Lunch Tip:  Squeeze a lime or lemon wedge over the apple before packing up the lunch to keep the apple from browning.

Lunch 4:  Mini Bagel Lunch


Easy and delicious.  Mini bagel with cream cheese, sliced pear, deli sliced pepperoni, whole wheat crackers and pistachios.  This lunch is easy to prep and it’s something a bit different than what the daughter usually receives.  If your child has a nut allergy, you can of course substitute raisins or something else in the center spot.

Lunch 5:  Pasta Salad Time


Sometimes pasta salad is the way to go for us.  This is Suddenly Salad pasta salad that I make the day or two before, carrot shreds, popcorn, sliced peaches, and granola clusters.

Lunch 6:  Momma NEEDS A BREAK Lunch


No groceries, no problem!  I have these days; we all do.  The night before I head to our local Jimmy John’s (of course any cold sandwich place will do), and buy a Slim 6 provolone only sandwich and a bag of barbecue chips.  I throw in some sliced apple and viola, lunch is ready.  Of course, lunch days like this I get rave reviews when the daughter returns home!

Lunch 7:  A Classic Sandwich Lunch


Remember when we only at sandwiches for lunch back in the day?  Well, a classic is always good.  The daughter likes either peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  Of course if you have allergies or want to avoid peanut butter, there are lots of alternative sandwich items you can use.  I added Sun Chips, mangoes, mandarin oranges, and an iced sugar cookie.

Lunch 8:  More Hawaiian Rolls


Trust me, serving buttered Hawaiian rolls with lunch will be a crowd pleaser.  The daughter l0ves deli swiss cheese and deli pepperoni also.  I added raspberries and dried mangoes and lunch was set.

Lunch 9:  English Muffin Time


Easy change from the norm with this lunch.  Any type of English Muffin lightly toasted and buttered, a string cheese, blackberries, and crackers.  Lunch Tip:  I add little ice packs on my string cheeses just to try and keep them as cold as possible.  The daughter has informed me she is not a fan if they are not almost ice cold.

Lunch 10: More hummus and fun sides


I always find if I provide a healthy lunch with some sort of fun dessert, that everything gets eaten.  This is easy and was enjoyed.  This lunch includes a cut up cucumber, carrots, hummus, deli pepperoni, string cheese and a piece of lemon poppy seed bread.

It’s easy to switch up these lunches with what you already have!


I like to change up the sides and the carbs.  Instead of the bagel or English muffin, put in a buttered croissant.  If you don’t have fresh fruit, buy some dried fruit for a change.  I have had some “unique” looking lunches when I realized last minute we had almost nothing to pack.  It happens, the kids survive and all is okay in the world… it’s good to remember not to “sweat the small stuff” when it comes to packing lunches all school year long!

I hope this blog inspires you in the never ending lunch packing saga of school aged children.

What’s your favorite lunch go-to’s for school?