We all have them; bad days.  Sometimes the bad day seems to start first thing, like the time I stepped out of bed and right into dog vomit.  Other times my day seems to be chugging right along and then out of nowhere something happens that turns that great day into a bad day.

I’ve been consciously making an effort lately to turn that terrible moment into just a moment, and not an entire day.  Need some help with this?!  I know I still do, but here are 10 tricks I’ve found helpful lately in my struggles with bad days that might be beneficial to you.

Tip #1-  Keep the mantra “It could be worse.” in your head.  Of course what happened was terrible, but if you think hard enough there is always a worse case scenario that you luckily avoided!  Yay for you!

Tip #2-  Laugh at yourself.  Yes, it was embarrassing when you knocked over the entire display at the store, but that’s no reason to let it fester.  They say laughter is the best medicine, so I’m gonna choose to use it.

Tip #3-  Let it out.  If something really got to me I’ve learned it’s best to take a second, let out a quick “roar” and let it go.  When I hold onto things it stays with me all day and just drags on.  (Not gonna lie, sometimes this includes mumbling a swear word or two under my breath.)

Tip #4-  Text a friend.  Sometimes I need someone to listen to me when I’m feeling down.  Shooting a quick text usually helps me get things off my chest and sometimes I get a perfect response back (bitmojis anyone?) that puts a much needed smile on my face.

Tip #5 –  Hide.  Like physically get away from your children – the fighting and the whining that never seems to end.  I go in the laundry room, bathroom, or the office ALONE while they continue to fight or yell.  It might only be 2 minutes until you are found but it’s something.

Tip #6 – Chocolate.  Enough said.

Tip #7 -Get outside, get out of the house.  I’ve learned the more we stay home (especially in the winter months), the more my kids argue and the more likely I am to have a bad, stressed out day.  Just loading the crew up and heading anywhere always seems to help.

Tip #8 –  Starbucks run.  Caffeine and nice baristas, check and check.

Tip #9 –  Be you.  Remember you’re a grown-up and you can decide what you want your day to be like.  Feeling down?  Look no further than yourself to think of something to cheer you up.  Sometimes I just need to realize I am me and that’s good enough.  I need to know not one, two, or several bad moments in a day defines me; I get to do that all on my own.

Tip #10 –  Write it out.  This is a main reason why I started blogging.  Getting my feelings and emotions down always seems to help.  Get yourself a cute little notebook, a fun pen, and jot down your feelings or the random things that brought you down.  I have a feeling some will seem so ridiculous once you put them down on paper that you’ll start not letting the same things bother you in the future.

Hang in there!  We all have bad days; it’s how we choose to turn them around that defines us.