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To the stranger who stopped my toddler’s meltdown,

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My Day Off To-Do List

By |July 11th, 2016|

Yesterday was a fantastic day!
The husband had an 8 hour class to take (that’s not why… hold tight!) and the kids ended up spending the day with their grandparents.  Thank you grandparents!!  It was a last minute play date and I didn’t realize how much we all needed it.  The kids were beyond excited to spend the day outside with Grandma and Grandpa; they literally were doing a form of “happy dance” when I told them what was about to happen.  I’m pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa were also doing a “happy dance” when I dropped the kids off, and you all know I did my own form of a “happy dance” as I walked to the car alone after the drop off.

Everyone was winning yesterday!!
First stop, Costco solo.
Let me tell you, if you always shop at Costco with kids in tow, that shopping at Costco solo is like a little vacation.  I was able to just browse.  There was no fighting, no demanding samples and snacks; heck, I even was able to eat samples myself instead of having them stolen out of my hand from a miniature version of me.  It was fantastic.  The one downside to this was I might have spent a lot of money there… a little bit more than usual, but it’s a small price to pay for my freedom and happiness right?!
Of course I had to pick up lunch and of course I was going to get lunch from a restaurant, 1) without a drive thru and 2) without a kids menu.  (I have a feeling fellow stay-at-home moms would have done the same.)  I decided to take my lunch home and eat it on the couch in front of the tv.  Dream come true!!  I even was able to demolish my entire bag of bbq chips without having to share.  Best lunch ever.
I then decided it was time to conquer the train table.
Yep, my “day off” and I had to get that darn thing in working order.  The idea of train tracks thrown all over our nice table just drives me crazy.  It had to be done and the best time to do it was now; no kids were around to remove every piece after I got it into the right spot.  I felt so accomplished when I was finished!  I might have made a train and driven it around for a celebratory lap when it was complete.

After the train table it was time to clean, put away laundry, and remove a few outgrown toys.  Everyone knows you cannot get rid of a toy when the kids are around.  That toy becomes their “most favorite toy ever” and you become the “evil mom who wants to ruin their happiness.”  Toys had to go and it had to be now.  Don’t worry, I was able to blast inappropriate music while doing this so I was totally in my happy place.  It felt so nice to be able to clean and not have to worry what was happening in the other room.  I even took the garbage out for the husband and scooped dog poop.  Wife of the year for sure!!  (I might still be expecting my medal.)

When the husband returned home we went on a walk.  Just us; no kids, no dog (poor guy is having some leg issues and I knew he wouldn’t make it very far).  We had adult conversations, didn’t hear any whining, and we even made it to Starbucks for a little iced latte for the walk home.  I can’t think of a better way to end the day, can you?!
The old me, even the me with one baby or toddler in tow, would have used my free day to shop, go for a run, or even get a pedicure.
I’m okay that this new me knew to get stuff done so I wasn’t thinking of my never ending to-do list all day long.  It was so great to be able to have a day alone; I didn’t care at all that I spent it “working.”  Fingers crossed I get a few more of these days before summer ends.

Kindness is Contagious

By |July 10th, 2016|

While shopping alone (yay!!) at Costco today, I was pulling up to the checkout lane with a crazy full cart (don’t go to Costco hungry and without kids- it’s an […]