I am usually the person who mows our grass and I actually really enjoy it.  Okay, of course it has it’s downsides… smelling like gas when I spill it all over my hands trying to fill the mower, possible Zika virus infection from all the darn mosquitoes who seem to be attracted to the humming of the mower, and stepping in dog poop that was cleverly disguised in a large pile of grass.  Obviously I must be CRAZY to admit I like mowing the grass right?  Oh no, I am totally sane and I’ll tell you exactly why.

Reason 1- Alone Time

Have you ever seen a child clinging to someone mowing the grass?  No.  If you have, I am concerned for you and your neighbor.  It’s so nice to be able to check out, and just know you have at least an hour of time to yourself.  If someone is screaming for you, you can’t hear it.  If someone needs something, they have to go and ask someone else for help.  Yes, I don’t typically mow while the kids are running lose in the house… they aren’t quite old enough for that but someday I might.

Reason 2- Street Cred

Yep, you read that right.  I’ve learned it really makes me look like quite the independent woman when I’m out there mowing.  The other neighbors always seem to wave, or even give me the thumbs up.  I guess they are thinking, “Wow, look at her.  She must be an awesome wife to be out there mowing and getting her hands dirty.”  They obviously could be thinking, “Wow, she’s doing a terrible job and someone should show her how to mow correctly,” but I am choosing to assume the positive.  I also think if I ever need a little help moving heavy furniture or opening a jar, that when I ask the neighbors they will be more willing to help since they know I must have tried to do it myself already… I mean, that woman mows.

Reason 3- Whiny Husband

I don’t want my husband to swell up like a huge hive and then complain about it for a week.  The husband is sort of a “bubble boy” and it’s really not worth it to me to have to deal with a gigantic allergen afterward.  I once bought him those masks, you know like the SARS ones, and he wore them maybe once.  I’m pretty sure he scarred the neighborhood children though, so I guess avoiding this look is also a good idea for everyone.

Reason 4- We won’t look like Yetis.

If I don’t mow, most likely no one will mow.  If someone would mow, it would probably only be once the grass was so long that people would start questioning if we moved out suddenly weeks ago or if we were yetis in disguise.  The husband is super busy and the last thing on his mind is our grass.  I don’t mind taking that burden off his shoulders and selfishly it makes me feel like I am contributing in a different way towards our household.

If this doesn’t make you want to get out there and mow then I don’t know what will!!  I’m not going to lie, if I could afford it, I might consider paying someone to mow for me while I sneak off to a Starbucks solo for an hour.