I am super excited about the upcoming Summer Olympics.  Not only will we get 17 days of action packed sports (yay track and field!), but this Olympics my soon to be 6 year-old will be able to watch some sports with us and actually be able to understand what the games are all about.

Here are the 5 Reasons I will be letting my daughter watch the Olympics this summer:

Reason 1-  Strong Female Athletes

  •  I cannot wait to show my daughter that girls are strong and brave just like boys.  She has been going through a phase lately where she questions if girls can do what boys can.  Pretty sure seeing the females break world records and do amazing sporting acts will help me plead my case.

Reason 2- Good Sportsmanship

  • She is just now in the age of beginning team sports which means she needs to learn you don’t always win.  She will be able to see disappointed athletes who still congratulate their competitors.  I really feel this is a major lesson she needs to learn sooner than later.

Reason 3-  The World Stage

  • Nothing like learning Geography from hearing about all the countries competing.  I still feel like I learn a new country name each Olympics!

Reason 4- The Underdog Story

  • We all love a good underdog story and my little lady will be no exception!  She needs to learn not everyone has it easy in life and some people need to work harder than others to achieve their dreams.  Great life lesson for a kindergartener.

Reason 5-  TV for All

  • Yep, selfishly I’ll love watching television alongside my little lady without it involving cartoons or Disney theme songs.

Heres hoping she loves the Summer Olympics as much as I do!