I used to be a better friend before I had kids.

I was that friend who would run over and drop off a funny note if you were having a bad day, or the friend who would show up with a 2 Liter of Diet Coke and garlic bread and demand a girls night in, when a friend was going through a breakup.  I remember always thinking what my friends needed and was always trying to be one step ahead of my friends who wouldn’t always admit they needed a little “pick me up.”  Well, that was me… pre-kids.

Post kids, it’s a little different.  The exhaustion has set in.  I still feel like I’m that great friend on the inside, and I still have the best of intentions, but honestly, it’s not the same.  My intentions usually end there, great visions in my mind.  Now, I think lots of great stuff, but I rarely follow through the my plans.  There either isn’t enough hours in a day or if I do find a free moment, the last thing I am thinking of doing is something for someone else… sadly, it’s the truth.

I do see a light in the distant clearing.

Now that my tiny dancers are becoming more self sufficient, I think I’ll finally have some time again to return to the great friend I used to be… right now I’m just trying to go to the bathroom alone!  Let’s be serious, it’s a gold star day if I can remember to reply to a friend’s email or texts most days.

If you’re in my same boat don’t worry!  I’ve learned the great friends, the ones who really matter, will stay close even when you can’t be there 24/7.  They will understand this new crazy phase of life.  If some of your friends seem to move on and aren’t there like they used to be once you emerge back to your fabulous self, that’s okay, they were meant to be your friends pre-children and they served their purpose at the time.

If you’re a friend of mine, stay strong!  I’m coming back, maybe better than ever; in 1 to 3 years I should be a full time great friend again!  I’m just trying to set a realistic timeline… by the time the toddler is in Kindergarten I should be running on all cylinders.

Stay true to you and always remember the right friends stay around through thick and thin, which includes this crazy phase of being a mom to little ones.