I’m a Cincinnati girl at heart, and I was raised with casseroles at Christmas.  Just like our tradition of zoo lights and Graeter’s Ice cream, casserole was always a much appreciated staple.  Well brace yourself for what I’m about to say…. I hosted Christmas this year without a single casserole.

I am sure some of you who know me well just reread that last sentence in hopes that you had misunderstood.  It’s true, no casserole this year at the Christmas dinner and I made this decision (not under duress or anything).

The good news is everything turned out pretty good (I think), and the kids are too young to “miss” any holiday foods they have become accustomed to.  Everyone was also very kind to not seem saddened by the missing sweet potato casserole or the non-existent corn casserole.  (I think my husband’s delicious smoked ribs didn’t hurt our spirits either!)  We all embraced our new holiday menu and it was a fun little adventure we took together.

Don’t worry, this is not the end of the traditional holiday casseroles for our family; it was just a little hiatus and I am sure come Easter I will be back craving some casseroles once again!