I am the Fenced in Momma

Hi, I’m Emily.  Welcome to my blog!

I am a stay at home mom of 2 (mostly adorable) kids and a boxer.  (Yes the dog is important because he is basically like a 3rd child.)  I enjoy being a stay at home mom and wife, but am very honest about the ups and downs that come with this role.  I’m always real and never perfect.  (Who is perfect anyways?!)

Why “Fenced in Momma”?  Well, let’s just say I’m a little uptight and some (maybe the husband) would say a little high strung.  In my “pre-kids life” my friends would have probably used “rule follower” to describe me.  Now I have a 7 year old little man and an 11 year old daughter who keep me on my toes.  I’d love to stay fenced in, safe, and under my rules with the kids, but realistically this is impossible.

I hope you enjoy this blog and hearing about our family’s craziness.  We all hide from our kids from time to time and that’s okay!

Hope you enjoy peeking over our fence!

Contributor: Ponytails and Princesses


Elizabeth puts her three degrees to good use as a stay-at-home mom (or this is the lie she tells herself.)  She has two daughters who make her smile and laugh daily (“daily” = “on the good days”).  She also shares her maternal love with her French Bulldog, who doesn’t differ too much from the kids (except definitely more drool).  She always tries to keep a sense of humor about the triumphs and trials of motherhood and is not above poking a little fun at herself (and, yes, at her precious littles, too).

After years of hearing people say things like, “You really should write all this down in a book or something,” she’s finally taken this advice and entered the blogging world (and thinks the word “blog” is just really fun to say).

Contributor: The Husband


The Husband, who is good at everything he tries, decided to give this blogging a shot when he realized how much I liked it.  Turns out, a few blogs in, he’s very good at this too.  Brian works long hours but still finds time to jot down several “blog worthy” ideas.

Stay tuned for more to come from this guy.