Turns out the “terrible twos” are a walk in the park compared to the wonderful age of three.

I’ve often heard children of this age referred to as “threenagers” or as “tiny dictators.”  Guess what?!  Those moms creating these loving nicknames were spot on.

Mind you, this age also can be super fun.  You now have little people who are able to finally express themselves, and who can understand rules and boundaries a bit better.  For example, my three year old is in a super cute phase of cuddling with me in the mornings and telling me I’m “so beautiful.”  Thank goodness for these cute traits, because it helps even out his monsterous fits of rage and tantrums that we seem to experience on a (sadly) more than regular basis these days.

If you are wondering what in the world could set off such a small human, fear not, I’m here to shed some light on this matter.

Want to know what has recently sent my three year old over the edge?

I straightened my curly hair.

I locked the bathroom door while I was using it.

I had the nerve to buckle his car seat before driving to the store.

I put covers on him at bedtime… after he asked me to do so.

I gave him the blue fish toy in the bathtub instead of the turquoise one. (Aren’t they both considered blue?!)

I didn’t cheer the right way after he went down the slide. (Turns out there’s a art to clapping I was unaware of.)

I told him not to eat sprinkles he found on a public picnic table… his icecream did not come with sprinkles… so ummm… yeah.

I ate the remaining food on his plate from dinner instead of throwing it away.

I didn’t let him ride our boxer like a horse.

I called him by his actual name and not his requested name of “Poo poo face Jedi.”

I set his fan on medium instead of low.

I washed his chalk covered shorts.

I hugged his dad.

I had the nerve to flush the toilet after he left the bathroom without doing so. (“No mom!! I wanted to save that.”)

I paid the lady at the grocery store for our groceries.

I put on my sandals (in summer) and not my winter boots.

…as you can see it’s very hard to send a three year old into a downward spiral.

Seriously, this age is no joke people.

If you are reading this with a two year old in tow, and you are thinking there is no way age three is harder, well, I hope you have a lot of wine in your pantry and are able to laugh at yourself in about a year.

The good news is age four is one of my favorites!!