I always seem to surprise myself.

Today is the day we’ve been thinking about all summer; the first day of 1st grade.  My emotions have gone from excitement, to worry, back to excitement and then back again to fear.  Clearly I’m not going back to school, but half my heart is and wow, does it feel all the feelings for her.

Sharing my kid with the world is HARD.

Where’s that bubble I can just stick her in to ensure she won’t be harmed?  Why can’t I go around to every kid on the bus and remind them that she still sees the world through rose colored goggles?  Don’t tell her about Santa or the Tooth Fairy, don’t ruin her positive view on the world.  Seriously, don’t mention anything from the news AT ALL… EVER.

I always hear “time flies” and now more than ever I know it’s so darn true.  1st grade?!  I still remember my first days of school so I can’t be old enough to have a first grader, right?!

I kept the emotions in all morning.

I did.  No tears from me or the daughter; just the 3 year old for reasons unrelated to school.  (It’s so awful when your granola bar falls apart.)  I made it through drawing hearts on all our arms for the day and didn’t shed a tear when the daughter said she was only sad about full day school because she was going to miss me.


The second the bus pulled away though… all the feels came out of my eyes. Ugly cry to the max, and all my worries came flooding in.

The good news is I still have a tiny distraction at home (well two if you include the four legged child as well).

Okay world, be kind to my first born.

Show me there are still kids being raised with manners and kindness.  Please keep my little lady safe and happy.  Help me be okay with putting my trust in others with the most precious thing in my life.

Here’s to a great first day for us all.