If you have children, you NEED to take them to see “Ugly Dolls.”

I know what you’re thinking. Really?? With all the movies out there right now to go and see, you suggest I see a movie about ugly dolls? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Hear me out on this one and then you can thank me later!

First of all, the actors voicing the dolls are top notch!

We are talking Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas (swoon), Bebe Rexha, Janelle Monae, Pitbull, and MORE! (Picture Pitbull as a one eyed, rapping dog… greatness!) Imagine songs with the people above in your head, and then know they are better than you think. I’m not gonna lie, the kids and I were laughing and dancing in our seats. The music will definitely be added to our Spotify playlist rotation starting today. (So sorry neighbors, but you might hear a lot of loud singing coming from our house this week.)

Next, the movie is so colorful and bright, any end of winter depression or sadness you might be feeling from life will be pushed aside for the 90 minutes you’re watching.

Did you read that? 90 minutes; the perfect length for a kid movie if I say so myself. Long enough no one needs a potty break and short enough that your kid can actually sit there with a bag of popcorn and not want to get up. I want to life in Uglyville. It’s gorgeous!! Seriously, imagine Whoville, but full of Ugly Dolls who sing and play fun games. Count me in!

Spoiler alert… the worst part of the movie is Nick Jonas voices the “bad guy.”

What?!? I mean, I know it’s acting but I really needed a minute to process this…. don’t judge! 🙂 One a positive note, there was not a part in the movie that kept my 5 year old up at night in terror. Seriously, we all loved “Moana” but that “fire lady” really did a number on my little man… and on my sleep! There always seems to be a terrible scene in every kid movie that makes me cringe just thinking of the sleepless nights we will have to ensue. Ugly Dolls didn’t have that, phew!

The MOST IMPORTANT reason you need to take your kids to this movie is the message it sends.

All joking aside, it’s PERFECT for the world we live in today. Be yourself. Embrace what makes you unique and special. Don’t let the haters bring you down. Other people’s opinions of you don’t matter. Really, who doesn’t need to hear that? I’d say any age group could gain a lot from this message, right?

I almost ugly cried in “Ugly Dolls” but luckily I kept it together. (Maybe it was my mojito and soft pretzels that kept me from falling into the emotional tunnel I could have gone into.) I loved sitting next to my 8 year old daughter and seeing her face when she saw Moxi, the main ugly doll, stick up for herself and embrace her differences that make her beautiful. When the “perfect” dolls realized no one was perfect and that they could be themselves, flaws and all, it was a proud moment. The writers nailed it and the message was clear.

Please take your family to see this movie, or make sure to rent it in a few months when it comes out. We all need to know we are “beautiful” and what a better way to remind us than with a bunch of Ugly Dolls.