Lately I’ve been noticing how annoying I have become.  It wasn’t too long ago when I had to only repeat myself a few times in order for my kids to actually seem to hear me and to actually listen.  Clearly, that has become a thing of the past!  Now, it seems like I am in constant repeat and I’m driving myself (and everyone around me) crazy.

I have turned into a nagging mom.

In my defense there is a reason I’ve become so darn annoying.  I’m trying my best to raise kids who turn into functioning and polite adults.  Why don’t kids come with nice switches?  It would sure save a lot of us time, patience, and sanity.  Since this isn’t an option, I have resorted to demanding more from my offspring.  I don’t want to send two more annoying people into this world; there are plenty of them already!

Turns out raising non-annoying people means you will become super annoying in the process.  Basically all I do anymore is tell the kids to “stop,” “think about what you said,” “don’t do that,” “do we do this,” “are we monkeys?” etc.  I even find myself talking outloud to myself in an effort to show the kids what should be done in some form of a passive aggressive parenting tactic.  (I don’t recommend this, it doesn’t seem to do much.)  The struggle is real but I’m confident it will pay off in the long run.

For now, I need the world to know I’m doing my best.  Until these tiny people learn a few important life lessons, I have a feeling I will remain in this annoying state.  Bear with me, and feel free to thank me later when my kids enter the world as butterflies and not slimy and whiny, caterpillars.

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