Is there anyone who doesn’t LOVE sugar cookies?

Seriously, there’s nothing better than an amazing sugar cookie.  I LOVE eating them and (once upon a time) loved making them.  Lately, my joy in baking has diminished slightly.  Why?  Well for starters, I always regret tripling the batch about an hour into the process.  The fun slowly goes away while I am rolling dough, pulling out hot cookies, pleading with my children (and dog) to behave or play solo for a hot minute, while I focus on the “joy of baking.”  Don’t get me started on making my icing and then staring at over a hundred cookies that require my artistic ability to be more than what it is… Fun, right?

Don’t worry, we still manage to eat (and bake) our fair share of sweets in this household.

The BEST gift I received lately came as a total surprise from one of my dearest friends.

I’ve known Jaime since we were about my daughter’s age, and we have turned into pseudo sisters over the years.  She’s the kind of friend you can see once or twice a year and pick back up with right away, like you didn’t miss a week together.  This lady is a forever friend who I am more than honored to call one of my “number one’s” in life.  When I got a text from JW (a nickname I still refer to from time to time) saying I had a shipment headed my way, I got beyond excited.  Turns out, I was right to get my hopes up!

A present that kept on giving!

Jaime still lives in my hometown of West Chester, Ohio and knows I love the following:  1)  supporting other mommas, 2)  anything from my hometown, 3) dessert, and of course 4) doing things with my family.  Well, she NAILED this gift!  What was it?  Are you sitting down?

It was a “Winter Cookie decorating Kit” and it was EVERYTHING.


Let’s talk sugar cookies for a moment.

I’m a cookie snob and these did NOT disappoint.  These were the BEST sugar cookies I have had in a long time.  Best part?  The icing was amazing.  It had honey in it which was a delightful surprise.  The bake shop that sells them is run by a friend of Jaime’s (who I know am kind of “fan girling over”) who lives back home.  SO GOOD and I am so excited to share this with everyone.

Lulu’s Sweet Bites

Not in the Cincinnati area?  Don’t worry, she ships!  Rosanna has an Etsy shop and it can be found here:  Seriously, it’s worth every penny.


Not only were the cookies amazing, but the family had a blast decorating them before we devoured them.  Check out our creations, and clearly you can tell we were all very into this decorating process.  I didn’t have to bake a thing, and literally all I had to do was cut little holes in the frosting bags and off we went.

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The hardest part about this gift was not eating my kids’ cookies while they were sleeping.  I literally had to stop myself from reaching into our Tupperware more than once.  (It’s a hard job being a hungry mom!)


So, what I am telling you is go ahead and be a little lazy.

Order these cookies and have fun.  If you want to claim them as your own, just hide the box and set them on your plates… I am sure my hometown ladies won’t judge or mind!  She has a Valentine’s Day kit as well on her Etsy page, and there is still time!

Thank you Jaime for being an amazing friend and for thinking of my love of desserts.  Thank you Rosanna for giving me another reason to be proud of my hometown.  Looking forward to following along!