I’ve been having a terrible time finding shirts for my 6 year old daughter lately.  All my usual places seem to only be selling too girly of clothes that all do not meet my daughter’s clothing requirements.  These requirements are (but not limited to) as follows: no pink, no purple, no glitter or shiny material, and no bows or “girly” accents.  Yep, not too hard, right?!

Turns out, in the girls’ section it is impossible this season.  I don’t mind buying from the boys’ section for her but the shirts typically don’t fit her as well and I would prefer she wears clothing that actually fits her well.

I was shopping at Nordstrom Rack, for myself, when, like always, I ventured into the kids’ section just to see if there was anything for the kids.  I found a couple of good long sleeve shirts in the girls’ section that met her requirements, but the best find was in the boy area.  I saw it first thing and hoped it would be in her size!  It was!!  I knew this would be a big hit with the little lady.

I found a super cool dinosaur print t-shirt that actually fits her pretty well.  I know I did a great job because her first day back to school from the weekend she selected this shirt to wear.  #winning!!

I think I’m going to start shopping there more for the daughter.