Today is my best day of the year… my birthday of course!!  I’ve always loved birthdays and even into my 30s this has not changed.  (I will always celebrate and not care what age I hit; each year should be a celebration, right?!?)

Of course today, we all woke up a little earlier than usual with excitement.  We made it to the local donut shop quite early, and then I realized we were back home before we usually would eat breakfast.  I needed to distract these kids fast in order to avoid fighting and help me get to the late afternoon, when the adult celebrations were starting in the city.

What’s a mom to do?!  Make homemade playdoh of course.  Seriously, I am not a “Martha” at all and lately my crafting and creative sides have been MIA.  The kids got super excited and it was so worth the 20 minutes of work.  They chose their colors, I made it, and then the best birthday gift happened.

What’s that?!?  They played nicely, quietly, and independently for almost an hour!!  Not even kidding!  The toddler would probably have played even longer if his sister hadn’t stopped.  This is the perfect birthday present for this momma… happy kids and a mom break!

I used a Pinterest recipe if anyone wants to try.  It’s the best playdoh recipe I’ve found and it’s also the least messy one!

Enjoy mommas… this is more for you than the kids I promise!!  You’ll thank me later.