Today we said goodbye to our babygate at the bottom of our stairs.  Anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, knows how big of a deal this is.  It’s huge.

The 6 year old was freaking out; she reminded us several times that she’s never seen our stairs without a gate.  (Clearly she can’t remember anything before 6 months of age!).

My son, soon to be 3, asked when we are putting up the new gate. (Ha, sweet boy who knows me so well!)  I told him we don’t have any babies who live in this house anymore so we don’t need a babygate.  (As soon as I said it I felt sad and excited all at the same time!)  He smiled and told me he is a big boy now.

The poor dog doesn’t even know what to do with himself.  He now has freedom to go upstairs anytime he wants, and he is literally freaking out with excitement.  (It’s the small stuff for dogs too it appears.)

I’ve been up the stairs several times today since the gate removal, and every single time I literally have tried to open the gate.  Clearly this will take some getting used to!

I removed these “crutches” and now I need to start relaxing and letting my son (and boxer) learn how to freely go up and down stairs.

I’m slowly turning into a mom of not so little kids…. don’t worry, there is still a lot of babyproofing left to help me stay sane a little while longer.  (Yes, I’m silently freaking out a bit!)