Today was hard.

Do you ever have days that seem to drag on forever?  As a mom, I feel like I have these days more and more.  I remember looking at the clock, feeling like it had to be close to the kids’ bedtimes, only to realize it was 5:45.  How?!  (Well maybe because they insisted on eating dinner at 4:30.)

I was counting down the minutes until the husband would be home or until it wasn’t dark enough outside to convince the kids it was bedtime; honestly, whichever came first.

I felt like I needed to move a little since this winter cabin fever has officially set in. (Winter is by far my worst time of year.)  I started doing a little exercise on the stairs and before I knew it my toddler (and evidently boxer) joined in. I couldn’t help but smile at my little one’s attempts to go up and down on the bottom step.  The boxer was clearly confused; were we going upstairs or not?!

The daughter had been playing on my phone and decided to snap this shot. I love how candid it is.  I love how it shows a mom who is exhausted, trying to do a little something for herself and how, like everything with kids, she is never alone… always being watched.

I love how one of my lower moments, turned into something great because of my kids.

They have a way of picking me up without even knowing they did.  That’s what family is for right?

The workout didn’t last long at all with my companions in tow, but it did the trick of changing my mood.  It made me smile, gave me a much needed pep in my step, and helped me make it another 30 minutes until a long awaited bedtime came around. ❤