I have a confession.  A big, rather embarrassing one… today I watched not one, but two Hallmark holiday movies.  For real.

Don’t worry, no children were neglected and yes I did manage to get off the couch and do other things today as well.  I’m normally not really into movies (especially lately); I don’t have the time or patience, honestly, to pay attention to something that long.  There’s just something about a Hallmark holiday movie to change all of this.

I’m addicted to these movies.  Seriously.  It all started with the “Mistletoe Promise” I randmonly taped the week I knew my husband had several late night dinners.  This slowly spiraled out of control and I started searching the TV guide to see if there were any new titles to watch when the kids were in bed.  Turns out there are A LOT of Hallmark holiday movies.

Yes, most of them I could tell you the ending about 20 minutes into the movie, and sadly most of them don’t hit the pivotal plot twist until the last 8 minutes; but I still seem to love watching them.  A sweet love story infused  with a Santa just seems to do the trick for me.

Well, it’s out there now and I’ll be sad when the holidays pass and I’m left with just my regular television programming.