This past weekend our local high school was hosting a craft show and I thought it would be fun to go.

I asked the daughter if she would like to come to a craft show with me.  I was expecting the usual grunts and moans I always seem to get from her when I ask her to go shopping with me.  To my surprise, she got really excited and said “yes!”  What?!  I was in shock (and super excited that she had an inner craft show appreciation that clearly must be genetic).

Well, all the excitement of my little eager crafter quickly diminished when we got into the high school gymnasium.  She looked around, saw all the shopping booths and her attitude took a sharp 180.  “What is this?!”  She loudly shouted.  I told her it’s the craft show and she got very upset.  “Where is the stage?  Where is the show?!”

Oh no, now I get it.  My little lady was expecting a performance and this was a huge let down.  Next time I think I’ll call it a “craft fair” and save us a lot of disappointment.

Side note- a sucker in my purse and a free candy cane from a booth helped turn the morning around and she perked right up!  Finding a Blackhawks scarf her size didn’t hurt either!