Turns out sniffing the butt of a skunk is a bad idea.  Yep, our boxer must have thought he was a small, black and white dog, so why not greet him with a friendly sniff?!?  Well, I am sure you all know how this went.

Thank goodness the kids were already in bed and the husband was home.  This situation has been one of my worst nightmares.  They say the best way to get over a fear is to face it straight on right?!  Not in this case!!

If you’ve been in this situation before then you know exactly how the night and days to follow have gone; if you haven’t been so unfortunate, then consider yourself lucky!!  Two hours of hosing our dog off on the sidewalk and 2 bottles of hydrogen peroxide later, we still had a pretty stinky guy.

Not only did he stink, but our house was even worse and he had barely even stepped foot into our kitchen.  It was a smell WORSE than skunk.  Imagine garlic (lots of it) that has been sitting outside in the sun all week… Then take that smell and marry it with a skunk.  The entire house had this smell.  I couldn’t even sleep the first night the smell was so bad.  Our 5 year old woke up from a deep sleep crying because her room smelt sour.  Ugh!!!

Im happy to report, about $100 later (used to purchase 9 jars of Fresh Wave gel, one Fresh Wave spray and 1 bottle of “Skunk-off”), and a little over 72 hours after, our house has more of a mild garlic smell and our dog smells more like a skunk in a rose bush.  (Not perfect results but way better!!)

Next step is to find out if that little skunk is living under our patio…. The fun never seems to end here!