Well, it just can’t seem to be avoided; the dreaded mid-day meltdown.  I really thought we were in the clear today.  The daughter had a great morning at a splash pad with friends, and then she was full of anticipation for great night with her first soccer practice.

So why did this meltdown happen?  A water bottle.  Yep, a blue, Nike water bottle she had picked out for soccer was the reason it all started.  Okay, actually that’s not 100% true.  It was a silver Sharpie’s fault… or was it my fault?

I washed her new water bottle and then I wrote her name on it with a silver Sharpie.  Of course  I needed to write her name on the water bottle since there are other kids on her team who could possibly have the same bottle.  It’s all about hygiene around here, right?

She saw the newly labeled water bottle and lost it.  The “y” at the end of her name extended too far.  The nerve!!  The color was silver… Since when is silver not allowed?  She was irate and made sure to make sure I knew this newly labeled water bottle was not going to work.

An hour later she’s still going strong.  We have about an hour and a half before the first soccer practice, let’s hope this fit subsides soon!!  Let’s also hope seeing this water bottle at practice doesn’t spark the same tantrum in front of her new team.