Hair.  It’s one thing we all have (well most of us).  I have thick, curly hair that from time to time I will straighten.  My daughter did not inherit my curls or even my texture of hair.  She received the kind of hair I’d love; thick, straight hair that occasionally gets a few waves when it’s super humid out.  There are just so many things I can do with her hair; it’s amazing… well in theory that is.  My daughter would prefer to not have hair at all.  Seriously.  She could do without it all together and I am sure we all would be much happier in our house.

Why you ask?  Well, for one thing there would be much less complaining.  This daughter of mine complains about her hair ALL the time.  First, when she wakes up it’s “crazy” and in her eyes.  Then once I get it up in a ponytail that ponytail doesn’t “feel right.”  It’s in the way of her sitting in her car seat, it’s in the way of her sitting on the couch, it’s in the way of her eating… well maybe that’s because she flips  her head all crazy to make sure her ponytail somehow finds a way to splash in her oatmeal.  (It blows my mind the ways she will contort her head just to make her ponytail “get in the way”.)

I also now have the problem of getting her hair up and out of her face in a way that it won’t fall out minutes later and bring us back to the original whining and problems I’m trying to avoid but putting her hair up in the first place.  Lately, I’ve embraced the French braid, although I’m still perfecting it.  I have to do it while she is distracted, usually eating breakfast.  I also have to pull it tight enough that it stays but not too tight that it “makes her head itchy” where she will then frantically scratch her head until the entire braid resembles more of a hay nest than any form of up-do I tried to create.

Why is this such a struggle?  If I had her hair I’d LOVE wearing it down, pulled to the side, clipped back, in a fun bun etc.  Nope, not this girl.  Don’t even think about putting it in a bun on her head either.  I made that mistake the other week for swim class thinking it would be a great style for the water.  She had no complaints until she saw herself in the mirror and then it was game on.  “I look ridiculous!”  “Really Mom?!?”  “UGH!!!”  etc.  She now refers to this style and “looped hair” and basically threatens me every time I do her hair to not do it this way or else.  I feel like a hostage negotiator in my own home.

The last haircut (and even for previous cuts) I took her to she requested to have her hair cut like “Prince Philip Hair.”  Of all the princes she had to pick the one with the shortest hair possible of course.  I could probably work with Prince Erik hair or even Aladdin… but I’m not quite ready to embrace the semi buzz cut just yet on my daughter.  I told her when she is old enough to do her hair herself she can then decide how long or short she wants to cut it.  I think this will buy me a couple of years and then I’ll promise to embrace whatever style she wants to rock.  (At least then she will be able to put gel in it, right?)

Here’s hoping this phase of hair drama ends soon in this household.  If I have to endure this for years to come this momma might come undone…. I might decide Prince Philip hair is the way to go sooner than later I’m thinking.