Well, it’s day 4 of potty training my little man, and instead of dwelling on all the negatives, (like will I ever have a day again where I don’t have to ask if someone needs to pee), I am choosing to focus on the positives.

  • Our self-imposed house arrest ended and we successfully made it to and from the 6 year old’s swim class without potty incident. (I might have been a stressed out crazy person, begging the son not to “push” in his car seat, but all is well that ends well!)
  • Only 1 pair of underwear was thrown away, and luckily it wasn’t a coveted superhero or Paw Patrol pair.
  • All pee successfully made it into a potty.
  • The poop that did not make it to the potty was successfully picked up before it was eaten by the dog.
  • No walls (or moms) were sprayed in the bathroom.
  • The toddler once again was allowed back on the couch.
  • No more half naked toddler lurking in the house; pants have finally been reintroduced into his dress code.

It’s the small stuff right?!