Dear Pediatrician,

There is a reason I come to you.  I enjoy your honesty and candid demeanor when it comes to discussing my children and their development.  I appreciate you not judging my 2.5 year-old’s cradle cap that I still can’t seem to rid, and the understanding you had when my first born would scream through every visit until she turned 3.  (Pretty sure you never heard her heartbeat until then!)  With all of this said, I have a huge request for you and your office; please respect my time.

It took a lot of effort for me to get to your office 2 minutes before my appointment time.  I had to wrangle a squirmy toddler, change his diaper, make him look decently presentable, get him in the car, and plan to do all of this about 10 minutes sooner than I needed to, since we all know it always takes longer to leave the house.  I also had to arrange for a grandparent to come to my house to get the oldest kid off the bus and entertain her while at the son’s appointment.  Even with putting his shoes back on in your parking lot I still somehow managed to make it on time.

What’s the point of being on time when we get rushed back to an appointment room and then wait for almost an hour to see you?!  Do you know how much “fun” it is to entertain a nearly naked kid for over 45 minutes?!  There’s only so many monkeys I can pull up on Pinterest and only so many fire trucks that drive by your window to do this trick.  Of course my little guy is gonna be a hot mess when you finally show, he’s been in your office for an hour already.  This momma’s pretty frustrated.

I love you doc, but something has to change.  Maybe your office could call me an hour before my appointment time to tell me you’re running an hour behind schedule; that would help!  Maybe you could make longer appointment windows…. Something please. Help me not get frustrated with you.

I don’t want to change pediatricians, but after almost 5 years of this I might have to.  Help me help you!!


One exhausted momma

Ps.  It would also lessen the frustration if you apologized upon your super late arrival and thanked is for not tearing apart the room while waiting.