My daughter was not a fan of the dentist at first and I knew I had to change this ASAP. I could not imagine her freaking out every 6 months when it is time for another cleaning.

Wanna know what saved us and the dentist drama? A stuffed animal with bad teeth. Ha, yes! I decided to tell the daughter the morning of her 2nd trip to the dentist, years ago, that her teddy bear had a major problem… he never had brushed his teeth. She decided he needed to go with her and it was a game changer! Her hygienist, who I love, also made sure to check her bear’s teeth.

Every time since that visit, the daughter selects a new “friend” to bring along for her check-up. Winning.

So, if you have a reluctant kid when it comes to the dentist, try suggesting they bring a stuffed friend along for the visit. Here’s hoping this helps another frazzled parent.