Oh dinner at my house these days is NOT fun. Seriously, these kids are driving us crazy at the dinner table.  Tonight might have been the worst!

I made a Blue Apron summer gnocchi meal that was A LOT of work.  (Side note: We tried Blue Apron because we got half off our first order so I figured, why not?!  Well, the food so far has been great however I don’t have the time or patience to cook for an hour and use about 50 pots and pans.  I need more of an “already made” meal delivery service.  This will be our last week of the meals until they start just sending a pre made casserole my way.)

Anyways, this meal had all the trimmings to be a success.  Gnocchi, butter, corn, veggies my kids actually eat; how could this go wrong?!  Well, it did.

The toddler’s first bite went down great, he seemed to really like it.  The husband and I even air high-fived over this success.  Not so fast…. Next bite he gagged.  Yep, on gnocchi.  How is he our kid?!  He ate his garlic bread but then the struggle happened.  It’s been almost 45 minutes and we are still feeding him the veggies via airplane style methods.

Meanwhile, the daughter is a hot mess too.  She is eating at the pace of a sloth and is the chattiest she’s ever been.  Stop talking, start eating.

The husband and I have cleaned our plates and have moved into wine and beer.  This could take awhile.  Wish us luck!!!