I’m not a super crafty mom, but when my toddler requested a dinosaur themed birthday, I needed to become one!

I had a little guilt from not having a birthday part for him when he turned 2, so I knew I needed to make this one extra special in order to alleviate my mom guilt.  If you have a little one who loves all things dinosaur, feel free to copy this party idea.  I promise it’s super easy and it was a lot of fun.  No need to stress, you’ve got this!

Steps to have an EASY and fun Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party.

Step 1:  Keep the guest list small.

Yes, you read that right.  I know we all have the tendency to want to include EVERYONE, but I’ve learned over the years that large parties only add chaos and make it harder on everyone to interact.  For this party, I decided to only invite our close friends who had kids the same age as my little guy having his birthday.  It just made sense.  It’s his party, not mine, so I didn’t feel the need to invite all our family friends.  Luckily, if you have good friends, they will understand not being invited.  Sometimes we have to make the tough decisions to make things work better.  With this said, we only invited 3 other families (and the grandparents) to partake in this party.  It totaled 8 kids (including my own 2).

Step 2:  Themed Dessert- Dirt Cups

What’s a party without dessert?!  Seriously, dessert can make or break a party especially if you are a kid craving sugar.  I didn’t feel like making cupcakes or cookies this year; it’s too much work.  I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on buying cupcakes.  What I decided to do was easy and super fun for the kids.  We made dirt cups that fit great with the dinosaur theme.

Recipe used was super easy:  http://shariblogs.com/oreo-dirt-cups/

Instead of using gummy worms we bought little plastic dinosaurs from Party City.  We washed them, then put one in each of the dirt cups.  Also, I doubled the recipe, used cute brown paper bowls and filled them halfway for the kids and all the way for the adults.  The adults loved the cups as much, if not more, than the kids!  Bonus:  The kids got to take the dinosaurs home with them.


Step 3:  Easy Dino Decor

Instead of doing crazy centerpieces that take hours of gluing and making, I opted to use some dinosaur toys we already owned.  I made cute little party hats for each of the 3 dinosaurs and then placed them on the tables and on the island.  It was a big hit with the kids too.  If you don’t have large dinosaur toys and want some, we found ours at Toys R Us and they can also be birthday gifts for your kid afterward.

Party Hats are EASY!

  • Get colored paper.
  • Cut paper into a triangle shape that fits the size of the head of your dino.
  • Make the triangle into a cylindar shape and tape the side down to make it stay.
  • Get a pom pom and hot glue a dot of glue to the pom pom and then place on the top of the hat.
  • Set on top of the dinosaur and enjoy!


We made a few paper signs to go around the house as well.  An easy “Welcome to Connor’s Cave” sign for the front door with a picture of a dinosaur from Clip Art on the computer and a “Happy 3rd Birthday” sign as well.

Balloons are always easy and always make any party seem more festive.

Step 4:  Adopt a Dinosaur

This was the kids’ favorite part!  All you need to do is find little dinosaur toys – found ours at Toys R Us in the dollar section.  Put all the dinosaurs in a basket and once everyone arrives at the party it’s adoption time!  Each kid can pick a dinosaur to keep and use at the party.  Easy and cute!  (This also was our “take home” gift for the kids instead of goodie bags.)


Step 5:  Make Dinosaur Houses

Once the dinos are adopted it’s time to decorate their houses!  EASY!  Just buy small gift bags and pull out some stickers, markers, crayons… basically whatever I had laying around our house, and let the kids decorate their dinosaur houses.  The kids loved it, and I loved using up some of crafting supplies that are slowly overtaking our house.

Step 6:  Birth certificates

Next, we made “Birth certificates” for each Dino.  We asked each kid what they wanted to name their dinosaur and then we wrote those names onto their certificates.  Easy, personalized, and cute.  You’ll love the names they come up with!


Step 7:  Feed the Dinosaurs

I pulled up some of our play food from our play kitchen and set on our cleared off train table.  The kids got a kick out of feeding their new pets and guess what, it was NO MESS and free.  Easy and fun!


Step 8:  Dinosaur Sandwiches

The adults ate premade sub sandwiches, but the kids usually aren’t big fans and honestly, I didn’t feel like spending more money on buying extra sandwiches for the kids.  I made some peanut butter sandwiches and some plain turkey and cheese sandwiches.  All I did differently was I used dinosaur cookie cutters to cut out dinosaur shaped sandwiches.  They were a big hit, and there was no crust so it was a win win.

Step 9:  Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur

Just print off a picture of a dinosaur or draw one if you’re artsy.  Make tails and you know the rest.

Step 10:  Sit back and Relax.

The kids just enjoyed playing with their dinosaurs and toys.  It was a great, easy party.

Hope this helps you have a simple and fun dinosaur themed birthday party for your little one.  There is no need to stress over themed birthday parties if you make them fun and easy.