Anyone who knows me must know how excited I am about what my daughter won at an event today.  We were at a local airshow and she saw a nearby booth with a prize wheel and of course had to get in line.  The girl had no clue what the prizes were but it didn’t matter… can you blame her?!  She waited patiently with the husband in the “Emergency Preparedness” tent line.  They were a real class act; even giving out temporary tattoos reminding the kids to “be prepared.”  I LOVE it!

When it was her turn, she stepped up to the wheel and gave it a good spin.  I was BEYOND excited when she ran over to me with her prize in tow.  My little lady had won my dream prize… an Emergency Survival Supplies kit.  In case you are wondering… I am NOT even kidding right now how excited I am about this.  I am that mom, that girl basically, who has always been on the side of “just in case” and I always have too much stuff set aside in case we need it in an emergency.  My husband has made fun of me for all of my tornado preparedness.  (Not sure why it was funny to him since we live in the Midwest and who would want to be stuck in a basement without extra diapers, water and snacks?!)

I could not have been more excited to see how excited my daughter was about this prize too.  You would have thought she had won an army of superhero toys the way she was acting.  It must be genetic… she must have known this was the real deal.  We hurried home and went through the pack.  Amazing.  We have bagged water (expires after 5 years and I’m not quite sure why), an emergency blanket, a wind-up- no battery flashlight (my dream come true!), emergency food (kinda gross but you never know!), a “need help” sign, and plenty of wipes, bandages and ointment.

survival kit2 survival kit3

It is a fantastic kit and it also was a great chance to talk to the 5 year old about emergencies and situations when we might need the kit.  I’ll admit, it’s always hard for me to talk to her about more grown-up topics like this but it needs to be done.  Why not discuss tornadoes and other natural disasters with her while ooh’ing and aaah’ing over a new survival kit, right?!

I am motivated now to make a few more… one for the basement, car, hmm… I’ll think of more places they are needed.  Sorry husband, but you’ll thank me someday.  I can’t believe how excited I got over this prize… it’s the small things that really make me happy I guess.

Now you all go out there and make some kits!