This momma needs to vent:

I am so tired of seeing all the celebrity blogs, Instagram pictures, and news stories about how certain celebrity moms all stay so slim. Seriously, it’s enough already.

Maybe they should just say it like it really is…
“I have a personal trainer who I see 6 out of 7 days, my personal chef makes sure I eat a nice vegan diet, and my nannies make sure my kids don’t bother me during my 3 hour workout sessions. I haven’t touched a carb in years and I only sip the most expensive Champagne.”

I would appreciate some truth. If a celebrity mom came out and said this, I would applaud her for her honesty and for helping the millions of moms who are so hard on themselves.  Not everyone has access to a gym and sometimes free time means taking a minute and sitting on the couch- and not feeling guilty for it!

I am not a fan of several current “reality celebrities” who seem to always be the center of attention for what women should strive to look like. I’d much rather be my real, authentic self and hope others also realize they should not even consider for one moment these impossible standards as a reality.

I sure hope this mentality changes in social media when my daughter is a preteen.