I love getting gifts for friends and family through Etsy.

Even better, I love getting the kitschy, can’t find these just anywhere kind of gifts.  I might have a (sometimes) crafty mind and a full Pinterest board, but let’s be real, very rarely do I actually sit down and make gifts.  If I ever have a desire to do so, the toddler makes sure I don’t have time for this!!

My next best option from homemade is Etsy.

I love shopping on Etsy.  I love it for so many reasons; supporting “mom and pop” shops, finding unique gifts, and of course the personalized touch with the Etsy items that cannot be duplicated.  It’s basically like I made something I really wanted to get someone, without actually having to make it.  How could I not love this?  Meanwhile, while I’m not covered in glitter and glue, I am also shopping from the comfort of my home.

If you’re anything like me, and your spending most of your day with children that test your patience, shopping online is the best way to go.  Shopping with a latte in hand, in my sweat pants, while my kids are off playing in the playroom, is exactly how I like to shop.  No shopping cart battles of trying to force a strong willed toddler to sit in the cart, and no public meltdowns in front of your entire neighborhood.  Please tell me I’m not alone in this?

In need of a cute gift for a family or girls’ weekend?

Check out these awesome tumblers I found!  I was heading home for a family weekend in Cincinnati and really wanted to pick up a little something special for the ladies in my life.  I couldn’t resist these cups!  (Of course, I had to get myself one too.)  It was so fun choosing the designs for each person, and it was even more fun watching them open their gifts.  Cheers to unique presents!!

If you haven’t tried it, go ahead and give Etsy a shot!  I have a feeling you won’t shop the same way anymore!!

(No, I wasn’t asked to endorse Etsy and I wish I was getting paid for this blog!!)

**My tumblers were purchased through PerfectlyVinylDesign on Etsy.  She had amazing customer service and I know I’ll be using her again soon!