Every night, like clockwork, our 6 year old suddenly has a new ailment.  It seems this problem doesn’t appear until 8pm, and it usually is so “painful” she is no longer able to lay down or even stay in her room.

Here’s how it goes:

We tuck our little monster into bed and say goodnight.  (Never any signs of discomfort are usually visible.)

5-10 minutes later she creeps out of her room and begins to yell down to us about her new problem.  Some nights it’s her hand. Other nights it’s her lip or her wrist or her right armpit or her pinkie toe…

We proceed to remind her to go to bed, it will feel better in the morning.  This escalates to a long winded explanation on why it is the “worst pain ever,” and how we are mean parents who won’t check on her.

Some nights we stay strong and wait it out whole other nights I just want to hear my Housewives show (uninterrupted) so I go up and check.

I tuck her back in, tears usually flow, and then I typically end the conversation by saying something sarcastic like “Okay, if it’s that bad I’ll call an ambulance and will come get you when they arrive.”  Usually the sarcasm ends the tirade and we all go on our merry way.

This is our life EVERY DARN NIGHT.