It’s so strange to write the word “Monday” with “fantastic” in the same sentence, but I am!

Monday mornings are usually a little more frantic than most.  The kids normally wake up pretty tired from a long weekend, and I typically don’t feel like getting out of bed right when my eyes open.  I scheduled swim classes on Monday morning for several reasons.  First of all, it gives us a reason to get up, and get going bright and early on a Monday.  It’s kinda like ripping a band-aid off, it might hurt for a second, but it’s all for the best in the end.  Secondly, I prefer taking the kids to swim class when it’s NOT busy and turns out Monday mornings are NOT busy at their Goldfish School.  It makes class so much easier on us all!

Today the kids woke up happy and still beaming from their surprise date with their grandparents yesterday afternoon.  I woke up with an extra pep in my step from having not one, but two date nights this past weekend!  (Gasp, I know, I really think I might have grown an inch from all of my mom freedom.  A special thank-you to my in-laws for making this all possible.)  We were all up, dressed and eating breakfast with time so spare before rushing off to class.

What did I do with this extra ten minutes?  Starbucks run!

Yep, of course I seized the moment and decided this momma needed a latte to sip while watching the little ones learn how to swim with their teachers.  I always feel a bit of guilt when I hit a Starbucks lately.  Between the “Starbucks shaming” I get from the kids (if you haven’t read this previous blog post; enjoy! ), and the sugar and calories I’m ingesting from my chai tea latte, I seem to find myself second guessing my Starbucks decisions recently.

Good news is, it was like the universe wanted me to know it was okay and good for me to have my Starbucks treat today.

I pulled up into a longer than usual drive-thru line only to discover the garbage man was emptying out all of the dumpsters behind the Starbucks.  You would have thought my little guy was at an amusement park the way he was acting.  His reaction was like I would react if I ran into an A-list celebrity in town.  He was so happy, but it got better!  I rolled his window down and the garbageman started waving and chatting with my kids.  It was priceless; he was class act! I wanted to jump out and hug him for making my kid’s day.

Thank you universe for making me feel extra good about my last minute Starbucks stop!

We arrived to swim school with a few minutes to spare and then the kids were off to their individual classes.  I was in my happy place!  Sitting alone, sipping my chai tea latte, and listening to throwback Justin Timberlake on the speakers.  I’ll tell you what, the Goldfish Swim School has a perfect soundtrack for me to relax to, thanks for knowing what you’re doing!

It’s refreshing to have a Monday morning where all the stars seem to align.  Here’s hoping your morning went as well as ours did; if not, there’s still time to turn it around.  Maybe reset the day by getting your favorite treat, I am sure that won’t hurt!