This is something I’ve heard countless people say. Some of my family members and friends fall into this “No glitter, no way” category of people.

But I’d like to tell you why I do not share this hatred of glitter:

1. Glitter is Happy.

Glitter is associated with celebration. I’ve never known glitter to come from an unhappy situation. Never have I seen a funeral home or ICU sparkling with glitter. No, the presence of glitter indicates that you have experienced or been near something happy and fun! (Possible Exception: if your husband comes home late and has the remnants of some unexplained glitter on his clothes.)

2. Glitter is childhood.

Show me a child whose eyes do NOT light up at the sight of glitter, and I’ll show you a mom who is well-rested (or some other equally unlikely thing). I like to think we all have happy memories of creating art projects at school with glitter, dumping it onto thick piles of Elmer’s glue and then having the fun of shaking the extra glitter off the page, watching it bounce and dance toward the edge, before creating a glittery shower as it fell into a pile of glorious glittery-ness. How many times did our faces glow as we presented a loved one with a construction paper masterpiece, crinkly with glue and glitter?

3. Glitter is “fancy.”

Now, there is the refined kind of “fancy,” where things are all upscale and elegant. And there is the little child definition of “fancy,” which just means anything that is better than ordinary. A dress-up dress sparkling with glitter is “fancier” than other dress-up clothes. An everyday skirt with glitter embedded in its bright pink material is “fancier” than a plain old cotton skirt. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my girls, it’s to Embrace the Fancy!! Why go for the plain candle when there’s a glorious glitter candle happily available right next to it? Why buy the mundane roll of Christmas ribbon when light is twinkling off the glitter-covered ribbon on the next shelf? So much of life is already boring enough – Embrace the Fancy and go for the glitter!

4. Glitter is harmless.

One year, Santa brought my girls gorgeous Elsa-inspired capes: they were a beautiful shade of pale blue gossamer, stamped with delicate white snowflakes, and absolutely dripping with glitter. Within minutes, as the girls did their best Elsa-ish sweeping dance moves, our floor was shimmering with glitter. When they got up off the couch from a quick sit, the cushions were covered with glitter. They had flecks of glitter on their skin and in their hair. Even the dog had a few glistening spots. And you know what? It was all okay! The vacuum sucked up the glitter with ease, the bath washed the glitter right off their skin and out of their hair, and the dog was back to normal after a few pets. Yes, the glitter got everywhere, but it was all harmless and easily remedied.

5. Glitter may be FOREVER.

Some people state their reasoning for not wanting glitter in their homes as “you can’t get rid of it!” You know something? I’d be fine with that! A few days after Christmas this year, I hope to find some glitter from the ribbon I wrapped around the presents, reminding me of the wonderful morning we had and the smiles on my little ones’ faces. In a few months, I hope to find glitter in between the couch cushions, reminding me of that new outfit my daughter couldn’t wait to put on and felt absolutely beautiful in. In a few years, I hope to find some rogue pieces of glitter down in the carpet somewhere, reminding me of days gone by, when the house was filled with twirling and singing, make-believe and performances, princesses and art creations.

All that glitters may not be gold. But, very often, all that glitter creates golden memories.