I have a daughter and I have a son.  Like most siblings, they couldn’t be more different.  With this said, they also don’t follow the “typical” gender stereotypes either.

My daughter loves her superheroes, cringes when someone calls her a “princess,” and would prefer to play in the dirt.  My son, on the other hand, hates to get messy and is beyond excited when he finds a new babydoll to play with.  It’s different and unique and it shouldn’t be a big deal.

With this said, I need to get something off my chest.  I am all for books and kids enjoying reading, but I am so sick of all the “boy books” and “girl books” out there.  This labeling Is starting to drive me crazy.  It’s a book and anyone can read it right?!  So why are we labeling them “Stories for Boys” and “Stories for Girls?”  Whoever is doing this, enough already.  Please don’t feel the need to tell my daughter she can’t read about space and must read only books that have fairies in them.

Why are the stories for girls more about fantasy and finding your prince while the boys get adventure and heros?  I want my daughter to be brave too and seek out an adventure.  I also think it’s good to teach boys manners and not just girls.  Who decided this is what the different genders like and do?  (Maybe I should start writing kids books.)

I’m thrilled when my kids want to read a book and I don’t need someone telling them which books they can read.  I have a feeling most of you reading this feel the same way.