Sometimes I feel like I hit a “stay at home mom rut.”

The everyday turns into the same thing EVERY DAY, and all the sudden I realize I need to feel like something other than just a mom; an adult.

Today was one of those days.  I needed something for me, but I still had my little shadow in tow.  I decided it was time to take charge and do something out of the ordinary in an effort to change up my “every day.”

An adult lunch was exactly what I needed.

No, this does not mean lunch with a cocktail (although that would have been ideal), but it does mean a lunch where I’m catering to me and not my little ones.  I decided to take a huge risk… lunch at a sushi restaurant with the three year old in tow.

I was not going to cater to him either.  No packed food to whip out when he realizes there are no fries, cheeseburgers, or basically anything he would recognize on the menu.

This was me taking back my adulthood and I was ready to rip off the bandaid.

Of course I was terrified, who wants to be that mom that brings a kid to a fun sushi place just to have him melt down in front of adults who were probably there to escape their offspring?!

Well, I have news… the risk PAID off!!

Turns out, my little guy not only looks like me, but he has my love of food gene too!  It also helps that we were sitting near the sushi bar where he could watch the chefs make rolls.

A few reasons sushi restaurants are actually great for kids:

  1. Chop sticks.  They are like little swords for three year olds and they sure made eating a lot more entertaining than using a fork.
  2. Edamame.  My kid is obsessed with these things.
  3. Bento boxes.  Who knew random food coming in the shape of a wooden box would be so exciting.  My guy was so proud to be “fancy” at lunch.
  4. Sauces.  Just put random sauces in front of a kid and you’ll be amazing what they will shovel into their mouths after they can dunk them and roll them into new sauces.
  5. Sushi for kids.  Yes, it’s true.  The little guy loved his cucumber sushi rolls and I think part of the reason was because he thought he was being like me.

So… what did I learn here?

I need to take risks and realize that being a mom doesn’t mean I have to do everything just for my tiny people.  Taking risks and doing things that make me happy also might make my kids happy.  Either way, it’ll be really fun having a kid who likes going to restaurants without French fries on the menu!