Have you ever had a day start out great and then slowly spiral out of control?  In a nutshell, that was my day and I’m trying to turn it around, but sadly I might just need to start fresh tomorrow and call this one a bit of a wash.

The day should have started out badly.  It’s a Monday (enough said) and the husband, who was on vacation, all last week, went back to work.  It should have been a morning of upset kids recovering from a week at the grandparents and a stressed out momma reintroducing myself into my “stay at home solo with the kids” role.  The good news is, the day surprisingly started off great!!

I was smart and thought ahead of time to book a summer camp for this week for the 5 year old.  I knew she would have a rough few days being away from her grandparents she got to stay with in Ohio for 7 days.  The daughter woke up excited and ready for her camp.  It was amazing; she didn’t even flinch like she has in the past with having a new teacher.  Thank goodness for a boy being in her class she knew.  (It was kinda like she saw a rock star and ran right up to him.)

The morning was good.  The toddler had his first park district class where I waited in the hallway while he played.  He only cried a few minutes, pouted a few more, and then seemed to enjoy the last half of class.  The good news was I got to sit in the hallway ALONE and read a magazine and enjoy my chai tea latte.  Winning right?!

Before it was camp pick up, the son and I even had a chance to head to TJ Maxx.  (I know what you’re thinking, how could this day take a turn for the worse after a visit to TJ Maxx?!? Just wait.)  I found a super cute headboard there I’ve been looking for on a big discount.  I bought it not realizing a Queen size headboard will not fit in my SUV while kids are in the backseat.  No worries though, I was told I can get it later when the husband is home.  (Clarification, the husband can get it once he gets home and the kids are in bed!)

I got the daughter; she had a blast at camp. We had a good lunch and then things slowly unraveled.

The toddler decided it was more important to arrange his stuffed animals in his bed than to nap today.  Literally an hour in his crib and not one second of closed eyes.

After a failed nap it was water table time outside.  Turns out both kids had to play with the same toys, one kid threw water on one’s face and then the other returned the favor which resulted in screaming and crying.

Next, the 5 year old decided her chalk drawing 5 feet from the water table was a Picasso masterpiece just as the 2 year old poured water on it.  MELTDOWN.  Clearly my son “ruined her most favorite artwork of her life.”  A 10 minute tantrum outside (in front of several neighbors) ensued where I heard some of the some of the following:  “I’m the baddest kid.”  “No one loves me.”  “My brother is meaner than all the villains in the world.”  “You want me to cry and eat chalk!!” Etc.

Next the dog ate a bird in the yard and brought me the feathers, an estranged family member called only to further upset me and exacerbate the situation and my mental stability.  The dinner I made in the crockpot literally made my daughter gag, and lastly the husbands train from the city is forever delayed with no end in sight.

Here’s what I’m going to do.  Bedtime before 6:30 (they can’t tell time).  I’ll eat the crock pot dinner solo on the couch while watching a Housewives show.  I’m thinking this might be the only way to save the day.  Here goes nothing!!