It is amazing how much Halloween has changed over the years.

When I was little I had the excitement of dressing up, trick or treating and then eating unspeakable loads of candy throughout the night. As a young adult it was dressing borderline slutty (don’t judge, we all did it), heading to bars and rolling into work the next day with a few regrets. Even Halloween as a momma of small children was different. I got to dress the babies up in whatever I wanted, prop them up by the front door and pass our candy to sweet little neighbors.

The age of Halloween with bigger kids is a new chapter of Halloween.

Here I am on Halloween morning wondering how did I get here?! First of all, living in Illinois added a new surprise to Halloween this year- 1-3 inches of white fluffy “fun.” (Good thing I have matching grizzly bears in fleece costumes this year!)

Also, I have been spending far too much time working on the 3rd graders craft for the school party. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing my kids at school and helping in their classrooms, but being the procrastinator I am, I have found myself prepping 27 toilet paper mummies the morning of Halloween. (Of course I had to also do a dry run with the 5 year old to ensure 3rd graders can complete this craft in 9 minutes.)

Pretty sure my 20 something self didn’t see this happening in Halloween in future years.

…. what’s left for my Halloween 2019?!

Well, there’s dressing the 5 year old grizzly bear before his bus arrives, putting on my “Mummy” shirt for the school party, because how can I go not all “kitsched” up?! I also need to make chili, cornbread and discover if I ate too much of the Halloween candy I bought fat too early and opened the same day…. because you can’t give people candy you didn’t try…. that would be irresponsible right?!

I need to convince the husband (and myself) that walking in 20 degree weather with our 2 children is worth it for the memories… do I really need to do this though?!? I also need to remind myself that I’m a good mom, because I also know there will be moments that test me today and the added sugar and excitement of the day will test me and my patience.

What does your Halloween look like this year?

Are you battling snow and prepping crafts?! Are you wondering what shirt cuts you can take to still make today special but not overwhelming?! Here’s hoping we all enjoy this day while trying not to let our over-sugared kids bring us down!!