I love a good picture collage on the wall, but in the past this has been quite the daunting task.  I did one in our dining room last year that literally took me all day, about 100 post-it notes, countless extra holes in the wall and at least 3 cocktails.  (No, I don’t think the cocktails were to blame!)

I found a tip recently on how to hang pictures that I have used for hanging a random picture here or there.  (If you haven’t read this blog yet you definitely should!  It’s under http://www.fencedinmomma.com/how-to-easily-hang-pictures.)

Well, I decided to try this technique to hang my new wall collage in my almost finished new office.  Let me tell you, this was amazing.  Literally got everything on the wall in a fraction of the time it would have taken me before and my wall doesn’t look like swiss cheese behind the frames.

Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1:  Set the pictures you want to use on the floor or a large open space.  Arrange the pictures in this space exactly how you want them to look on the wall.  (I measured how long the wall I was using was and then put the measuring tape on the floor above where I would be arranging my pictures.  It helped me know how I wanted to fill the space.)


Step 2:  Start with the top middle picture you will be hanging.  Turn it over and apply a piece or painter’s tape or masking tape to the back over where the nail will go.  Mark the exact spot on the tape with a pen on where the nail will need to go.  Remove this tape and have it nearby.

Step 3:  Measure where this picture will go on your wall and then take that same measurement to the actual wall.  Place the piece of tape where it should go as if it was the picture hanging on the wall.


Step 4:  Continue steps 2 and 3 over and over until all of your tape has been placed on the wall for all of the pictures you will be using.  (Helpful hint:  I would measure the distance the pictures fall next to an already taped picture on the wall.  This way you won’t have to keep measuring so far on your wall and you’ll have a better reference.)


Step 5:  Get out that hammer and nails and nail the nails into the dots on the pieces of tape on your wall.

Step 6:  Remove the tape.

Step 7:  Hang those pictures!


Seriously, I am hoping this will save someone a lot of frustration and time.  Happy hanging!!