It’s another New Year’s Eve, which used to mean another set of “resolutions” that I would inevitably fail miserably at.  One year it was no more French Fries (made it about 2 weeks), one year I said I’d wake up early and workout before the husband went to work (made it 1 day); one year I swore I’d not watch more than an hour of tv at night (didn’t happen); there have been many attempts let’s just say at this whole resolution thing.

I’m excited for this new year because I’m starting it off right; no resolutions that will make me feel guilty when I quit them.  Nope, I’m doing a month by month, day by day plan.

Instead of resolutions I’m going to try and work on a few things for both me and my family.  I don’t need to put added pressure on myself since I already feel it enough from Society, and quite honestly other moms.

Heres a few things I’m going to work on in 2017.

1). Not caring what other people think.

2). Saying “no” more and being true to myself.

3). Showering more. (The struggle is real!)

4). Laughing more; I hear it’s better for you than working out!

5). Flossing enough so my dentist doesn’t ask if I floss.

There will always be things I can improve on and can work on as both a mom and a person. I’m not setting myself up for failure this year; I’m excited to head into a new year knowing I’ll succeed.

Hello 2017, hello fresh start!