Last week the son got to have his “special day” at preschool.  He got to be the line leader, bring a snack he got to choose, and do a few more special things.

I got to spend the entire morning with him at preschool.

I am pretty confident this was his favorite part of his “special day.”  He was so excited when I reminded him of this in the morning before school.  His face lit up and he told me not to worry, he would help me at school.  (Clearly the boy knows me well… new situations aren’t always my favorite.)  It was so refreshing to see him so genuinely excited about something… even better that it involved me!

We had a great day together, and I learned a few important things from my two hours with 14 (almost) 3 year-olds.

I could never be a preschool teacher.

My patience was tested literally within 10 minutes of being in the classroom.  You can’t just put a student in time out it turns out, and watching the teachers try to assemble 14 toddlers into a line was about all I could handle.  I’m not anywhere close to being a good candidate for that job.

I am even more confident in my decision to stop at 2 kids.

I have two arms for two kids to hold, a husband who balances out the adult to child ratio most of the time, and it’s way easier to keep track of fewer children.  Anyone with more than 2 kids I applaud, more than 3 kids I am amazed by, and more than 4 kids I question if you are a mythical and magical creature.

I mainly send my kid to preschool in order for him to experience messy crafts.

Painting, stamping, and glitter should all be only done in school.  The mess that is created is unbelievable.

I made the right decision sending him to a nature center preschool.

I’m not a HUGE fan or doing all things outdoorsy (unless it’s on a beach with a cocktail in hand) so this school works perfectly for my “mom lifestyle.”  The son get’s to play outside, in all types of weather, and I don’t have to.  Perfect right?!


My kid knows way more than I thought.

Yep, child number 2 syndrome at it’s finest in my household.  I had no idea the son knew his ABCs (until he was singing them while potty training), didn’t know he knew his colors to well, and also didn’t realize he could count past 15…. thanks preschool for filling in for my less than stellar educating at home!

It was fun and eye opening to be in the preschool element with the son.  He was the calm one, the one who stayed away from the wrestling boys and who helped a little girl up when she fell on the playground.  Yes, it might have been this way because I was there for the day, but I’m choosing to think it was because I’ve done something right along the way of raising my little human.

Thank goodness for preschool and his new acceptance of going to school without tears.  I’ll be VERY sad when summer arrives and I’m the one who has to do all the things I pay preschool for.

(Just keeping it real folks!)