Wanna know a secret?  I didn’t potty train my soon to be 3 year old at the time because I WANTED to.  Does any parent ever want to potty train their kid?!  Maybe, but not me.

Truthfully, I stalled this potty training process as long as possible.

With my first born I was pumped and over educated from reading all the “how to” books.  I thought I was ready for our “potty training boot camp” and scarily, I was a little excited for it.  My feelings on the subject with my second child were way different.  I knew what I was getting into this time, and I was dreading it.

Was there pressure to start potty training?

Of course!  No one wants to be the only mother to a teenager who still wears a Pull-Up, right?!

Did I feel a little pressure to get my son out of diapers because some of my friends were potty training younger children long before I was even considering it?  Well, maybe a little.  It was nice to have a friend or two nearby who was just in the potty training trenches.

Did I feel a little pressure to get the son out of diapers so I could stop dragging around the same diaper bag I’ve had for over six years?  Absolutely.  Who doesn’t want a new purse anyways?!

Was I getting a little pressure from my wallet for buying all the diapers still?  Of course.

With all this said, the real reason I decided to potty train the son was a simple and obvious one.  I couldn’t handle the smell or sight of changing one more “big kid” poop.  Seriously.  Obvious right?!  Gross.

So what’s the point to all of this anyways?!

I’ll tell you; there’s never a perfect time to potty train your kid.  Some people do it to get their kids into the preschool they want, or others do it because of the unwritten rules they think all of us moms are supposed to follow.  My advice: do it when it’s best for your child AND for you.  As long as your kid is out of diapers by the time you can no longer take it, then I’d say you’re on the perfect timeline.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!!  This “parenting” thing isn’t easy and doesn’t come with a direction manual.