This morning I totally surprised myself!  It’s amazing what I can get done without the toddler in tow.  I still had the 6 year-old with me this morning after preschool drop-off, but I was determined to get all my errands done with just one kid.  I feel like I somehow turned on “supermom mode” and got it done!

Imagine this… in one hour and 15 minutes we were able to accomplish the following:

  1. Run into Walgreens and get a mailing envelope and a few things we needed for the house.
  2. Run into Ulta, search new shampoos and conditioners for my curly ‘do and purchase them.
  3. Go to the local pet store and buy the boxer’s Christmas presents… aka get a few treats and a toy.
  4. Go to the post office and mail the present we had to get the mailing envelope for.
  5. Drop off donations to “Operation Christmas” at the community center.
  6. Sit in Starbucks for a well earned Chai Latte and a kiddie hot cocoa.  (Also, completed the daughter’s homework as well here.)
  7. Return to preschool (15 minutes early) to pick up the son.

Okay, now I’m not usually one to brag, but this amazes me!  Usually when I have both kids in tow I can make it to one, maybe 2 stores in an hour if I’m lucky.  Clearly all the stars aligned for me today!

Quick note:  Something I learned today was the holiday spirit is alive and REAL here in our town.  The following things happened (and I actually noticed since there wasn’t a crazy toddler in tow) and I feel the need to share them.

  1. I sneezed in Walgreens and immediately heard from an aisle over, “Bless you!”
  2. The post office worker was in an amazing mood, called me “honey,” complimented the daughter’s coat, and wished us a “Merry Christmas.”  Yes, at the post office!
  3. A man hanging lights outside of our community center smiled and wished us a “Merry Christmas.”
  4. When announcing our Starbucks’ orders, the Starbucks lady called my daughter up individually to get her drink.  (Anyone with a 6 year old knows this went a LONG way!)

Yay for nice people!  Maybe they only were so pleasant to us because I had a “less stressed than usual” look to my face today; either way, I’ll take it!