I had been working in a high stress hotel sales job for a few years when I decided to make a drastic life change.  I was a newlywed living in the suburbs with a new puppy and I thought another life change was in order.  Life was going well, but the two plus hour daily commute was taking it’s toll, and having a job that caused me more angst than happiness wasn’t something I wanted in my forever plan.

I decided enough was enough, quit my job, and became a full time nanny.

How hard could it be anyways?!  I was a smart, college educated girl who grew up babysitting neighbor kids.  I was fun; kids loved me.  This was going to be a cake-walk compared to making sales calls and sprinting to the train everyday, right?!

Well, kinda.  Turns out, even with a fantastic job for a great family, kids will always be kids.  I’d never been a mom, I really hadn’t been around moms for years either.  There definitely was a learning curve involved, but I can say with 100% certainty that not only was being a nanny SO much easier than being a mom; it was also the exact learning curve I needed before I became a mom myself.

Think about it:  Nannies get to go home at the end of the day.

This reason alone is enough to prove being a nanny has it’s perks.  You get to leave.  There’s no bedtime routine that lasts two hours longer than it should, no kids screaming over your Housewives show, no one waking you in the middle of the night to pee… none of that “mom stuff” that now drives me borderline certifiable.

Guess what else?  You get paid to watch the kids.

Turns out, you don’t get paid a cent to watch your own kids.  More often than not, you lose quite a bit of money being a mom.  I don’t know the last time I thought, “wow, I have some extra spending money from spending time with my kids.” Okay, that’s a lie, I do know, and it’s NEVER happened.

When the child you are babysitting screams and yells at you, it doesn’t sting as bad as when it’s your own offspring doing it.  You can calmly think, “not my monkeys,” and get through the day.  When you’re solely responsible for said monkeys, well, it’s a whole different ballgame.  Suddenly the “you’re ruining my life” comments actually make you pause.  You can’t report the behavior back to the actual mom to deal with because, well, that’s you now.

I was lucky to have experienced being a part of a family before I had my own.

I learned first hand the tantrums and the life lessons that decide to rear their heads at the worst possible moments.  Those little girls taught me patience beyond what I thought I had.  They taught me more then I thought I needed to learn at the time.  Thank goodness for them!

If I hadn’t spent a year with who I now consider my second family, I would have thought something was wrong with me when I hid from my daughter during some of her long, drawn out tantrums.  Instead of feeling like a failure from a three year old controlling me, I had a friend to call who could remind me that I already had been through this with her kid.  She could tell me she had been through worse, and so had I.

Being a nanny was easier than being a mom, but being a mom definitely wins.

Even though there’s no escape from my own kiddos, I get to be held on their pedestal as their mom.  Thank goodness for experiences to help us grow and become who we are.  If it wasn’t for my first two girls, I would be a very different mom than I am now, and most days I think I turned out okay!

being a nanny was a good start