Can someone tell me why my kids seem to lose their minds around other families; especially neighbors?

It’s the strangest thing and I honestly cannot seem to figure this out.

My kids can be acting completely normal and in great moods, but the second a neighbor or another family we know walks up to them, it’s like they become zoo animals.  The son usually starts only speaking in tongues and the daughter all the sudden acts like she doesn’t know how to speak.  I really think my neighbors must think I’m a zookeeper.

Is this just my kids?

Seriously.  What am I supposed to do?

I talked to the son yesterday before dropping off cookies at a neighbor’s house.  My neighbor has known the three year old since birth, and even saw him almost everyday at the bus stop during the school year.

I reminded him to say “Hi Miss Diane” when he saw her and not to call her a “Boo Bah” like he had the day before.  He promised he would behave and be nice.  I really thought I’d gotten through to him.

The second she opened the door with her three daughters, all over the age of 10, the son reverted right back to gorilla mode.  He started spinning, speaking in gibberish, and wouldn’t listen to a word I said.  I was a little mortified and was beginning to think we might just need an excercism.  Clearly, I had not gotten through to him at all.

Once again I had to apologize for my kid being “a little wound up,” to a neighbor.

Of course they didn’t care, but I did.  After we had left and were a safe distance down the sidewalk I asked the son if he thought he had been good.  He proudly said “No.” I asked him why he hadn’t been good, and without hesitation he said “There are too many girls there.”  OMG.  Really?!  Is my three year old already in some sort of flirting mode?  I’m just not ready.

Clearly I need to teach him the proper way to get a girl’s attention.  I also need to make sure he knows when and how to turn on the charm.  Is this my destiny?  No I refuse to let it be!!

A plan needs to be put into place.

I might need to start taking him to a neighbor’s house each day to teach him manners and how to act around other people.  Maybe it’ll be a kind of experiment.  Maybe bribery will help too.  I’m clearly not above anything as long as it means my kid won’t look like a complete mess in front of the neighbors. It is a good thing he’s cute, or I have a feeling people would start to worry about him and his ability to make friends.  This boy needs to become a functioning member of society before high school hits!

Please tell me I’m not alone in this!