I’ve come to the realization that children never are fully satisfied.


They always want more.  More candy, more toys, more allowance.  More, more, more.   Or they want something different than what they have.  Or they want something sooner.  Or later.  Or they simply want anything other than what we actually can present to them.

I don’t care how much of an angel you trick yourself into believing your child is, it is true of your child, too.  (Oh yes, it is!)

My perfect little angels (Ha! Hahahahaha!) are the same way.  Heaven forbid they ever fully be satisfied.  And here is the perfect example:

Our youngest has been verbalizing dreams of going to Hawaii ever since she was three.

My brother and his wife live there, and our youngest knows that I’ve been a few times, my husband and I have been, and even my oldest traveled there for my brother’s wedding (Do you want to know how fun it is to take an 18-month-old non-sleeper on a nonstop flight to Hawaii?  Okay, go get a fork… then open your eye reeeally wide… aim the fork right at your pupil…. You get the idea).

So, my husband and I decided that we would take our family to Hawaii in December, a few days after my youngest turned five.  We wanted to surprise the girls with the trip, but we also wanted them to have the fun of looking forward to it.  So we kind of went in the middle on the surprise-tell spectrum.

One night, near the end of the summer before our trip, I snuck their American Girl dolls out of their rooms and dressed them in hula outfits I’d purchased (seriously, is there anything you CAN’T get on Etsy??).

Then we made four signs that stretched out the message: “This winter…. we are… going to… Hawaii!”

We twisted a ribbon all throughout the first floor of the house, leading to each of the signs and, eventually, to the final “Hawaii!” sign, next to which I propped up the dolls in their hula get-ups.

I went to bed that night envisioning how my youngest (who was still four at the time) would scream and basically LOSE HER MIND when she saw that we were going to Hawaii.  This was her DREAM!  She always begged me to decorate the house like Hawaii (pretty sure that cheesy sh*t only flies in beach house rentals), she always wanted to “dress like a Hawaii girl,” and she wanted to read books about Hawaii.  Watching her react was going. To. Be. AWESOME!

The next morning, when the girls woke up, they had so much fun holding hands and giggling together as they followed the ribbon’s path to each of the signs.  “This winter.”  “We are.”  “Going to.”  …

They were coming up to the last sign. I got my phone’s camera at the ready.

“Hawaii.”  !!!!

My oldest daughter hugged us.  My youngest daughter??  The Hawaii freak??  Well, without missing a single beat…

“Momma?  Can I have a piece of thick white paper like that?”

“Can I borrow the marker you used?”

“How do you spell ‘Can’?”

“How do you spell ‘We’?”

“How do you spell ‘Go’?”

“How do you spell ‘To’?”

“How do you spell ‘China’?”

Then she removed the “Hawaii” sign and placed her own sign in its spot:  “Can we go to China?”

And turned to us and asked, “Can we?”

Ahhh, yes, every child is basically an ungrateful little sh…ining angel.