The daughter had her first day of Kindergarten last Wednesay and I’m learning I will not always know what has happened at school.

When she got home from the first day, we talked about her day over a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.  (I felt like BOTH of us had earned them.)  She gave very few details and when we asked more probing questions she just gave us more of a blank stare.  I guess this is what it’s gonna be like for the next several years?

Well, today at the lunch table I learned something more about her first day that almost put me in tears.  (These darn emotions are getting the best of me lately!)  She nonchalantly told me that when the bus pulled up to her school (she’s in PM kindergarten), that there were a bunch of teachers cheering for them.  She said they were all clapping and saying, “happy first day of school!”  Seriously, how did she forget this detail last week?!

This gesture from the school makes me feel even better about sending her to the public school down the road.  It’s such a small, easy gesture to do; but the thoughtfulness in this act just makes me so happy and grateful to all the teachers and administrators involved.  There were some super nervous kids on that bus last week, and I’m sure pulling into the school just gave them bigger knots in their bellies.  The moment they heard the cheers and saw all the excited adults I am sure made quite an impact!!

From one new elementary school mom, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️