A few years back I was a new mom and was lucky enough to have some close friends who were moms of older kids.  I became like a sponge around them and learned so many helpful tips and tricks.  (Luckily, they got it and never told me what I should do; just showed me what worked for them.)

I still think the most useful tip I ever learned involved kitchen shears.  Seems silly?  Trust me, if you aren’t using kitchen shears to cut up your kids’ food then this will be a game changer!

I used to dread sawing pizza up into tiny bites for my toddlers.  It was always such a to-do.  My friend saw me doing this one afternoon and showed me how to make quick work of pizza cutting.

Take kitchen shears and hold a piece of pizza by the crust.  Cut strips verticalling up towards the crust in the widths you’d like your pieces to be.


Next, cut horizontally across your strips and (woohoo) you have easily cut pieces of pizza for your little ones.  So easy!!


I will admit it, I take my kitchen shears to pizza restaurants now and it saves me so much time.  When I forget them, I get so frustrated.

This same cutting method can be applied to all kinds of food too.  Grilled cheese, pancakes, French toast… the options are endless!

Hope this helps some new mommas or any parents who are tired of the old “sawing method” of food cutting.

**A special thanks to my former ladies of Armstrong Lane for teaching me this life changing tool.