Every now and then, the stars seem to align and things just go great in the morning.  It’s kinda like finding a unicorn, it’s magical and fleeting; but I live for these moments.

This morning was my magical day.  The kids slept in a bit and I was able to slowly wake up on my own.  They agreed on a kid show and even ate their breakfast without conflict at the table.

The even more amazing part happened next.  After breakfast, while I was doing my usual morning kitchen clean up, the two offspring actually played together… nicely.  I might have even forgot they were home for a few minutes due to the lack of screaming.

I was able to get my homemade latte out of the microwave before it turned ice cold even. Can you believe this?!  Seriously magical.  When I went back to the front room where the kids were playing, it was unbelievable.  They created a train track and superheros together, without arguing, without needing me to interject.

I’m gonna soak up this magically Wednesday morning because there is no telling when it’ll magically disappear.

Happy Wednesday!!