I feel like it’s my civic duty to dispel something a lot of moms (and people) are guilty of.  We all do it from time to time, and I am going to give you a clear example of how I could show one side of a day in picture,s versus what the day ACTUALLY looked like.

I feel like social media has made it so easy for people to only show the good parts of their day.

It’s a great mask for some, but for others it might make them feel isolated.  Why are my kids the only kids acting like wildlife in public?!  Why don’t other moms ever seem to share the same problems I do?!  Well, I don’t want to ever make another mother (or anyone) question if they are alone in their daily struggles.  I LOVE a good filter, I won’t lie, but I don’t love feeling like some people always have it together when that most likely isn’t the case.

I’m all about keeping it real here so take a look at some of my recent pictures and then read what really was happening.

(Trust me, it’ll be therapeutic.)


Awe, look at this adorable little family photo!

Don’t we all look so well behaved and perfect?!  Well, let’s get real.

We were about 45 minutes late to meet family, because we had to wait on the son to poop at home before we could leave, so he wouldn’t have to poop on a public toilet at Navy Pier.  (Potty training controls all realms of my life!)  We also had just walked about 10 minutes from the parking garage; and during this walk the son refused to physically walk so I had been carrying him.  My back finally gave out about 5 minutes into the walk, so the husband took over.  The husband carrying the son meant the son started screaming since (obviously) I’m the best at holding him.  We stopped here to try and make him walk and also because I was darn near out of breath already.

Did you see any of that in our adorable photo?!  Nope.


How adorable!  The 3 year old is pushing his jogging stroller on our walk.

Really?!  When have you ever wanted to see a child pushing their own stroller?  Clearly something went array, right?!  Right!

On this day I needed a minute to myself, so I put the son in the stroller with a bowl of pretzels and thought that would buy me some time.  It lasted about 30 minutes (into my hour walk/jog), and then he started telling me he wanted out.  He wanted to walk too.  Um no.  At that turtle pace we wouldn’t have made it to the daughter’s bus stop in time.  I had literally told him no less than 20 times he can’t walk until we are close to home, and he had been crying and screaming in the stroller for a good 10 minutes before this photo was taken.

We had finally made it to the block of the bus stop and I let him out.  He insisted on pushing the stroller that he couldn’t see over for the final block, and I literally was moving it back on the sidewalk after every 10 steps he took.  It was one of the longest blocks of my life.  But doesn’t this picture just look so perfect?!  What a great mom I am to let him walk on our walk and push his stroller.  Haha, not the case at all!!


Here we are enjoying some amazing weather in February.

Where to start here?  Well, the dog is outside because he was throwing himself against the front windows so much that I thought he might break them, not because I wanted to have him outside with us at this time.  The boxer is also terrified of the daughter’s scooter, so every time she rode by him he would make a loud, (and strange) gurgling sound before barking.

Next, the son had just colored over the “starting line” the daughter had drawn and she was less than pleased.  The son also was eating chalk which I find very disturbing.

Lastly, we were outside mainly because I needed to kill time before dinner and bedtime.  The husband was going on day 3 of being out of town, and I was dreading another dinner and bedtime solo.  Not gonna lie, the kids were fed, bathed and in bed before 7pm because they don’t know their bedtime and anytime after it gets dark works.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to survive the evening hours with kids!

What did we learn here?

Yes, we all can take some great, fun pictures with our kids on tow.  Sometimes these pictures are what they appear to be, but other times it’s definitely not the case.  Let’s all agree to not let what other people post on social media dictate how we feel about our daily lives.  I can guarantee most moms are losing their minds around 4pm for one reason or another, and most kids have several tantrums a day.  Stay strong parents and feel some strength in knowing you are NOT alone!

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