We took the kids to see “Trolls” today, and it was great.  I loved the message of the movie and I also loved that the “scary” parts weren’t terribly scary.  Great work DreamWorks!  With all this said, I have a major complaint for the movie theater; the previews.

Yes, I was prepared for the near 30 minutes of previews (we only made it through 15 minutes of “Frozen” years ago due to the long previews), what I wasn’t prepared for was the kinds of previews there would be…

Am I wrong to expect previews for a PG movie to be PG or G previews?!  I don’t think I am. Why were there PG-13 previews with this movie that involved violence, bad language and some pretty graphic scenes?  I sat there next to my almost 3 year-old and kept thinking, do I take him out for 10 minutes while these inappropriate previews played?  The 6 year old daughter seemed to really be watching them and taking them in, which to me is worse than the little brother seeing them; she understood what they were actually about.

I truly think the previews should match the movie rating, or be less graphic, not more.  If there aren’t any upcoming PG or G movies (doubtful) then maybe the theater should forgo previews all together knowing the audience that is probably watching.  Just a thought.

There’s no way I’m the only mom out there thinking this, right?